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Look for snacks made from wheat, rice, or oats, and ones that use sunflower or safflower oils. There is no GM popcorn on the market, nor is there blue or red GM corn.



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  • VerifiedChocolate Hint Of Cherry Protein Brownie Thins
  • VerifiedCoconut Rice Crackers With Sea Salt
  • VerifiedDark Chocolate Protein Brownie Thins
  • VerifiedFiesta Lime Rice Crackers
  • VerifiedLightly Salted Grain-Free Crackers
  • VerifiedMilk Chocolate Protein Brownie Thins
  • VerifiedMulti-Grain Crackers 5-Seed
  • VerifiedMulti-Grain Crackers 6-Seed
  • VerifiedMulti-Grain Crackers Garden Vegetable
  • VerifiedMulti-Grain Crackers Original
  • VerifiedMulti-Grain Crisps Sea Salt
  • VerifiedMulti-Grain Crisps Sea Salt
  • VerifiedMulti-Seed Crackers Roasted Garlic
  • VerifiedMulti-Seed Crisps Original
  • VerifiedMulti-Seed Crisps Original
  • VerifiedMulti-Seed Crisps Rosemary + Olive Oil
  • VerifiedMulti-Seed Ultimate Everything Cracker
  • VerifiedOriginal Multi-Seed Crackers
  • VerifiedProtein Brownie Thins Salted Caramel
  • VerifiedProtein Snack Crackers Roasted Garlic
  • VerifiedProtein Snack Crackers Sea Salt
  • VerifiedProtein Snack Crackers Toasted Coconut
  • VerifiedRice Crackers Toasted Sesame
  • VerifiedRoasted Garlic Popped Chips
  • VerifiedTuscan Peasant Crackers Garlic & Herb
  • VerifiedTuscan Peasant Crackers Rosemary
  • VerifiedTuscan Peasant Crackers Simply Olive Oil & Salt