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Look for snacks made from wheat, rice, or oats, and ones that use sunflower or safflower oils. There is no GM popcorn on the market, nor is there blue or red GM corn.

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  • VerifiedCalifornia Almonds Sea Salt Roasted
  • VerifiedCalifornia Almonds Unroasted And Unsalted
  • VerifiedCalifornia Coast
  • VerifiedCashew Almond Pistachio Mix
  • VerifiedCheddalicious
  • VerifiedChewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
  • VerifiedClassic Rounds Crackers
  • VerifiedCranberry Hazelnut Hemp Seed Crackers
  • VerifiedFudge Mint Cookies
  • VerifiedFudge Striped Cookies
  • VerifiedGrain Free Chocolate Granola
  • VerifiedGrain Free Cinnamon Apple Granola Crunch
  • VerifiedGrain Free Vanilla Almond Granola Crunch
  • VerifiedHarvest Blend
  • VerifiedJumbo Cashews
  • VerifiedKale & Sea Salt Crackers
  • VerifiedMini Classic Creme Cookies
  • VerifiedMini Golden Creme Cookies
  • VerifiedMulti-Seed Rice Thin Crackers
  • VerifiedMultigrain Flax Seeded Flatbread Crackers
  • VerifiedNantucket Blend
  • VerifiedOrganic Stoneground Wheat Roasted Garlic & Herb Crackers
  • VerifiedPeanut Butter Granola Clusters
  • VerifiedRoasted Garlic & Basil Crackers
  • VerifiedRosemary & Olive Oil Harvest Whole Wheat Crackers
  • VerifiedRosemary Raisin Pecan Hemp Seed Crackers
  • VerifiedSea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper Rice Crackers
  • VerifiedSesame Seed Rice Thin Crackers
  • VerifiedSpinach & Roasted Garlic Crackers
  • VerifiedSundried Tomato Basil Crispy Wheat Crackers
  • VerifiedSweet Potato & Cinnamon Crackers
  • VerifiedTuscan Herb Roasts
  • VerifiedWhole Lotta Seeds Crackers