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Look for snacks made from wheat, rice, or oats, and ones that use sunflower or safflower oils. There is no GM popcorn on the market, nor is there blue or red GM corn.

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  • VerifiedAlmond Nut Thins - Hint of Sea Salt
  • VerifiedAlmond Nut Thins Smokehouse Nuts & Rice Crackers
  • VerifiedAlmond Nut-Thins
  • VerifiedAlmonds & Fruit, Sweet Cardamom Almonds & Honeycrisp Apple
  • VerifiedAlmonds Lightly Salted
  • VerifiedArtisan Nut Thins Chia Seeds
  • VerifiedArtisan Nut Thins Multi-Seeds
  • VerifiedArtisan Nut-Thins Flax Seeds
  • VerifiedArtisan Nut-Thins Sesame Seeds
  • VerifiedBlanched Almonds - Sliced
  • VerifiedDry Roasted Almonds
  • VerifiedGourmet Almonds Black Truffle
  • VerifiedGourmet Almonds Garlic, Herb And Olive Oil
  • VerifiedGourmet Almonds Pink Himalayan Salt
  • VerifiedGourmet Almonds Rosemary and Sea Salt
  • VerifiedOven Roasted Maple Flavored Almonds
  • VerifiedOven Roasted Sea Salt Almonds
  • VerifiedPecan Nut-Thins Nut & Rice Cracker Snacks
  • VerifiedRoasted Almonds, No Salt, Whole, Diced, Wholesale
  • VerifiedRoasted Salted Almonds
  • VerifiedWhole Natural Almonds