Other than corn, no GM grains are sold on the market. Look for 100 percent wheat pasta, couscous, and others.


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  • VerifiedSuperfood Green Penne, Green Lentil, Kale, Broccoli, & Spinach
  • VerifiedSuperfood Green Rotini Green Lentil, Kale, Broccoli & Spinach
  • VerifiedSuperfood Orange Rotini Red Lentil, Pumpkin & Butternut Squash
  • VerifiedSuperfood Purple Rotini Red Lentil, Beet, Sweet Potato & Carrot
  • VerifiedSuperfood Red Rotini Red Lentil, Tomato & Red Bell Pepper
  • VerifiedSuperfood White Elbows, Green Lentil, Cauliflower, & Parsnip
  • VerifiedSuperfood White Rotini Green Lentil Cauliflower & Parsnip
  • VerifiedSuperfood White Shells, Green Lentil, Cauliflower, & Parsnip