Packaged/Frozen Meals


Many frozen and packaged meals are highly processed. Keep an eye out for the Big Four at-risk ingredients and non-cane sugars. Stay away from frozen/packaged meals that contain them, unless they are marked organic or non-GMO.

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  • VerifiedAll American Veggie Burger
  • VerifiedAll American Veggie Burger - Pea Protein
  • VerifiedAsian Veggie Burgers
  • VerifiedBackyard BBQ Veggie Burgers
  • VerifiedBlack Bean Chipotle Pollock Burgers
  • VerifiedBlack Bean Quinoa Veggie Burgers
  • VerifiedBombay Veggie Burgers
  • VerifiedBroccoli Cakes
  • VerifiedBrussels Sprouts Cakes
  • VerifiedBuffalo Fish Bites
  • VerifiedCalifornia Veggie Burger Sliders 1.5oz
  • VerifiedCalifornia Veggie Burgers
  • VerifiedCalifornia Veggie Burgers - Jumbo (5.5oz)
  • VerifiedCarrot Veggie Puffs
  • VerifiedClassic Chick'n Tenders - Pea Protein
  • VerifiedCrunchy Breaded Fish Sticks
  • VerifiedEdamame
  • VerifiedFour Potato Puffs
  • VerifiedFour Potatoes Hash Browns
  • VerifiedGametime Buffalo Chick'n Tenders - Pea Protein
  • VerifiedGluten Free California Veggie Burgers
  • VerifiedGrampa Mel's BBQ Chick'n Tenders - Pea Protein
  • VerifiedHeirloom Bean Burger
  • VerifiedKale Littles
  • VerifiedKale Veggie Burgers
  • VerifiedKale Veggie Puffs
  • VerifiedKids Broccoli Littles
  • VerifiedKids Spinach Littles
  • VerifiedKids Sweet Potato Littles
  • VerifiedKorean Veggie Burgers
  • VerifiedLightly Breaded Fish Fillets
  • VerifiedLightly Breaded Fish Sticks
  • VerifiedLightly Breaded Fishies
  • VerifiedMac & Cheese Bowl
  • VerifiedMushroom Risotto Veggie Burgers
  • VerifiedOrganic California Veggie Burgers
  • VerifiedOrganic Spinach Cakes
  • VerifiedOrganic Super Greens Veggie Nuggets
  • VerifiedPerfect Burger
  • VerifiedPerfect Plant Based Ground
  • VerifiedPerfect Turk'y Burger
  • VerifiedRice Crusted Fish Fillets
  • VerifiedRice Crusted Fish Sticks
  • VerifiedRice Crusted Fishies
  • VerifiedRoot Veggie Hash Browns
  • VerifiedSouthwest Hash Browns
  • VerifiedSpinach Cakes
  • VerifiedSpinach Potato Pollock Burger
  • VerifiedSunday Funday Veggie Sausage
  • VerifiedSuper Greens Veggie Burger
  • VerifiedSuper Greens Veggie Nuggets - Pea Protein
  • VerifiedSweet Heat Beet Veggie Burger - Pea Protein
  • VerifiedSweet Potato Hash Browns
  • VerifiedTexMex Veggie Burgers