Packaged/Frozen Meals


Many frozen and packaged meals are highly processed. Keep an eye out for the Big Four at-risk ingredients and non-cane sugars. Stay away from frozen/packaged meals that contain them, unless they are marked organic or non-GMO.

Peterson Farms Treats

Peterson Farms Treats

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  • VerifiedApple (Unfiltered) Cider Concentrate
  • VerifiedBalaton Cherry Concentrate
  • VerifiedDark Sweet Cherry Concentrate
  • VerifiedFiltered Apple Juice Concentrate
  • VerifiedFiltered Single Strength Apple Juice
  • VerifiedIQF RTP Cherries
  • VerifiedIQF Whole Dark Sweet (Black) Cherries
  • VerifiedIQF Whole Pitted Balaton Cherries
  • VerifiedMichigan NFC Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice
  • VerifiedUnfiltered Single Strength (Cloudy) Apple Juice