The GM ingredients found in body care products are largely soy and corn derivatives.

Products listed have been verified as compliant with the Non-GMO Project Standard. Due to production schedules and inventory back stock, there may be product in circulation that has been produced prior to a product achieving Verification. Please look for the Non-GMO Project seal on packaging to ensure that the product you are purchasing is Non-GMO Project Verified. The NonGMO Project makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy of data posted on third party websites.
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  • Verified18-in-1 Hemp Almond Pure-Castile Soap
  • Verified18-in-1 Hemp Citrus Orange Pure-Castile Soap
  • Verified18-in-1 Hemp Eucalyptus Pure-Castile Soap
  • Verified18-in-1 Hemp Green Tea Pure-Castile Soap
  • Verified18-in-1 Hemp Lavender Pure-Castile Soap
  • Verified18-in-1 Hemp Peppermint Pure-Castile Soap
  • Verified18-in-1 Hemp Rose Pure-Castile Soap
  • Verified18-in-1 Hemp Tea Tree Pure-Castile Soap
  • Verified18-in-1 Hemp Unscented Baby-Mild Pure-Castile Soap
  • Verified4-in-1 Baby Unscented Organic Sugar Soap
  • Verified4-In-1 Tea Tree Organic Sugar Soap
  • VerifiedAll-One Hemp Lavender Pure-Castile Soap (Bar)
  • VerifiedAll-One Hemp Peppermint Pure-Castile Soap (Bar)
  • VerifiedAll-One Hemp Rose Pure-Castile Soap (Bar)
  • VerifiedAll-One Hemp Tea Tree Pure-Castile Soap (Bar)
  • VerifiedAll-One Hemp Unscented Baby-Mild Pure-Castile Soap (Bar)
  • VerifiedAnise All-One Toothpaste
  • VerifiedArnica-Menthol Organic Magic Balm
  • VerifiedBaby Unscented Organic Magic Balm
  • VerifiedCinnamon All-One Toothpaste
  • VerifiedCitrus Orange Balm
  • VerifiedLavender Balm
  • VerifiedLavender Organic Hand Sanitizer
  • VerifiedLavender Organic Shaving Soap
  • VerifiedLavender Shikakai Soap
  • VerifiedLemon Lime Lip Balm
  • VerifiedLemongrass Lime Organic Shaving Soap
  • VerifiedLemongrass Lime Shikakai Soap
  • VerifiedNaked Body Balm
  • VerifiedNaked Lip Balm
  • VerifiedOrange Ginger Lip Balm
  • VerifiedOrange Lavender Body Balm
  • VerifiedOrganic All-One Hemp Almond Pure-Castile Soap (Bar)
  • VerifiedOrganic All-One Hemp Citrus Orange Pure-Castile Soap (Bar)
  • VerifiedOrganic All-One Hemp Eucalyptus Pure-Castile Soap (Bar)
  • VerifiedOrganic All-One Hemp Green Tea Pure-Castile Soap (Bar)
  • VerifiedOrganic Hair Crème Lavender Coconut
  • VerifiedOrganic Hair Crème Peppermint
  • VerifiedOrganic Lotion Lavender Coconut
  • VerifiedOrganic Lotion Orange Lavender
  • VerifiedOrganic Lotion Patchouli Lime
  • VerifiedOrganic Shikakai Conditioning Hair Rinse Citrus
  • VerifiedOrganic Virgin Coconut Oil White Kernel Unrefined
  • VerifiedOrganic Virgin Coconut Oil Whole Kernel Unrefined
  • VerifiedPatchouli Lime Body Balm
  • VerifiedPeppermint All-One Toothpaste
  • VerifiedPeppermint Body Balm
  • VerifiedPeppermint Lip Balm
  • VerifiedPeppermint Lotion
  • VerifiedPeppermint Organic Hand Sanitizer
  • VerifiedRose Baby Balm
  • VerifiedRose Lip Balm
  • VerifiedSpearmint Peppermint Shaving Soap Gel
  • VerifiedSpearmint Peppermint Shikakai Soap
  • VerifiedTea Tree Shaving Soap Gel
  • VerifiedUnscented Organic Shaving Soap